All persons interested in becoming a member of the RCMPA program can apply online through an authorized RCMPA Dealer.

To apply for a Prestige Account, applicants are required to provide certain elements of personal information. This requirement is directly related to the recent changes to Canada’s Proceeds of Crime Money Laundering (Terrorist Financing) Act, which now captures dealers in precious metals. Due to the confidential nature of the information being collected, the first step of the application process asks that the applicant reviews and accepts the Mint’s privacy statement. The statement outlines the type of information collected, as well as highlighting the Mint’s obligation and commitment to ensuring that your personal information remains safeguarded in accordance with the federal Privacy Act.

In addition, prospective customers will be presented with two contracts for review. The first contract governs the relationship between the customer and the authorized RCMPA Dealer. This contract specifically addresses the buying and selling of precious metals through the Dealer. The second contract governs the relationship between the customer and the Royal Canadian Mint. This contract stipulates the terms and conditions regarding the customer’s storage account at the Mint. Customers are asked to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of both agreements before proceeding to the application form.

When filling out the form, it is important to note that the application form must be fully completed before the application can be considered. Once this has been done, the customer submits the application online. Customers are also required to submit copies of the required documentation (as outlined in the form) either by post, or through scanning and sending the documentation via e-mail. An authorized RCMPA Dealer representative will review and assess the application based on eligibility criteria as set forth by the Mint. The representative will then communicate to the Customer whether the application has been approved.

Once the application has been formally approved, customers can begin purchasing precious metals through the authorized RCMPA Dealer’s online store.