The Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account (RCMPA) program is an easy, convenient and safe way to hold unallocated precious metals within the Royal Canadian Mint’s high security facility in Ottawa, Canada. The RCMPA program allows customers to buy high purity precious metals from authorized RCMPA Dealers who have unallocated precious metal pool accounts at the Mint.

It is the economical choice, in comparison to the costly monthly fees often associated with having allocated precious metal storage, as there is no monthly storage fee for the RCMPA program. Customers pay only one annual account administration fee for the unallocated storage of precious metals, no matter the quantity being held at the Mint.

The RCMPA program provides customers with a convenient and accessible secure online account, where they can access their account information and balances anytime, anywhere, from the internet.

The Royal Canadian Mint is a Canadian crown corporation, in existence for more than 100 years. As an agent of her Majesty, customers can feel safe knowing that their precious metals are being held and controlled within the walls of a government-owned and financially stable institution.

The RCMPA program was not designed to be a trading program, and is not intended to be used as a means of purchasing or allocating precious metal products like Gold Maple Leaf & Silver Maple Leaf or Kilo bars directly with from the Mint. Individuals interested in purchasing and having bullion products physically shipped to them should contact a bullion dealer who can provide them a variety of products produced by the Mint to meet their needs.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s role is to be the custodian of your unallocated precious metal and provide you with peace of mind that your assets are safe. The authorized RCMPA dealer’s role is to facilitate the RCMPA program administration and to act as a channel for customers to apply to the program, and to purchase the unallocated precious metals to be held at the Mint.

Description of Service:

  • Customers enter the RCMPA program by completing the application process through an authorized RCMPA dealer. Upon approval of the application, a customer account to buy and sell precious metals will be opened on the authorized RCMPA’s dealer site. In addition, the dealer will simultaneously send the customer information to the Mint, where a separate storage account will be opened at the Mint;
  • When a customer purchases precious metals through the authorized RCMPA dealer, the Mint will receive notification of the transaction, and will then transfer the unallocated credits from the dealer’s account at the Mint to the customer’s account at the Mint;
  • When a customer sells the credits back to the dealer through the dealer’s website, the Mint will ask the customer to confirm the sell transaction before the credits are transferred from the customer’s account at the Mint to the dealer’s account at a the Mint. This enhanced security feature ensures that precious metals cannot be transferred from the customer’s RCMPA storage account without the customer’s explicit authorization.

To ensure that your gold is held in a safe and secure environment, enrol in the Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account program today!